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Stop to think about the countless times you and your family open and close your refrigerator in a single day. Moreover, even when you’re lounging on the couch, this vital appliance is still hard at work keeping your food and beverages fresh and safe. There's no doubt that your refrigerator is one of the most important and hard-working appliances in your home. And when it breaks down, it can cause some major disruptions to your homelife. If you’re unhappy with any aspect of your refrigerator’s performance and can’t seem to find the answers in your refrigerator repair manual, contact All Appliance Repair. Our family-owned business has been providing reliable refrigerator repairs of all types since 1975, and we have the skills and know-how to bring you speedy, long-lasting solutions. When it comes to refrigerators repair, time is of the essence to prevent food spoilage, so contact us today for prompt assistance. Our refrigerator repair service can be reached via phone or e-mail, and we're available both on weekends and in the evenings for your convenience.

Frequent complaints that often require the help of an experienced refrigeration repair technician include:

Our team can diagnose and resolve all of these malfunctions and more. In addition to performing work on your main refrigerator compartment, we're also available to service specific sections of your unit, so call now for everything from refrigerator freezer repair to refrigerator ice maker repair. We're a local refrigerator repair service that not only strives to be punctual, but we go out of our way to provide quality customer service. To us, that means:

For more information about our services or to set up an appointment, please feel free to contact us at All Appliance Repair in Jacksonville. One of our representatives will be more than happy to assist you.

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